CHROME Colored Brake Cable Set of Inner and Outer Bicycle Cables Low Friction


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FIXIE Colored Brake Cables

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FIXIE Colored Brake Cables 

This set includes the following:

  • Front & Rear Outer cable (precut at standard size of 90cm & 160cm respectively) with steel housing and plastic liner.
  • 2x Standard Inner Cables with barrel 
  • 4x Metallic Brass Nickel Plated Ferulles (Caps for outer cables).
  • 2x Metallic Alloy inner cables ending cups.
The included outer cables are made of steel spiral with colored surrounding plastic cover (Chrome in this case). 

Only this helical steel housing is strong enough and appropriate for brakes and you should not use compressionless index-compatible housing instead because the later can easily burst from the braking force and cause a sudden loss of braking function.

Please take into account that our helix outer brake cables have not raw cut ends but grinded finished ends that because of this they have better function with lower friction. See attached image.